Parents and Carers

The Changing Face of Child Safety

Raising happy, healthy and confident children and keeping young people safe from harm is every parent and carer’s goal. Twenty-first century children have access to more information than ever before, and have tools and technologies at their fingertips that previous generations could never have envisioned. Understanding and managing these potential threats can be difficult.


Keeping children safe from harm is an age-old task, but the days of only schooling children about ‘stranger danger’ are far gone. Although the potential risks to children’s well-being posed by strangers are just as apparent today, children are just as likely be abused or mistreated by a family member or someone they know, or over the Internet and via technologies such as mobile phones and web cams.

Technology Dangers.

Relatively new technologies such as the Internet, mobile phones, digital cameras and websites such as Social Networking Sites and chat rooms are useful tools to learn, share information, build relationships, connect with others, and have fun. However, these tools can easily be abused and misused by unsuspecting minors and preying adults.
Adults who remember a time pre-Internet are often more wary of the potential dangers and are more likely to exercise caution than children and young people who have never known a life without the tools and technologies. Keeping children safe in the virtual world requires education and guidance, as soon as they begin to use the tools and onward into adulthood.
Many young people’s understanding of technology far outstrips that of their parents and teachers, and as such, children can often be left to their own devices to navigate their way through the World Wide Web and other technologies. Learn more about some of the key potential online dangers including cyber bullying and sexting (using technology to send explicit messages and pictures).

Staying One Step Ahead

Thankfully the abuse of children and young people is rare, and issues such as bullying are infrequent. However, being aware of potential dangers and identifying access to support and guidance can help set parent’s and carer’s minds at ease. Simply ChildSafe is a hub of up-to-date and relevant information to keep children happy, healthy and safe. Learn more about protecting children and reporting abuse, and access further resources here.