Social interaction through Apps

Social interaction through Apps

In May 2013, Apple and Google released a statement claiming that 50 and 48 billion applications had been downloaded by their users respectively. Apple suggested that roughly 800 applications were downloaded every second on IOS alone, which is a staggering figure.

One point that parents are becoming increasingly concerned about is the amount of interaction that can be had through applications. Here, we will explore social interaction through applications.

Social media sites pose the highest risk of unwanted interaction

The worry for parents is that their child will end up talking to the wrong people who will coerce them into meeting up. Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat and Instagram (among others) offer the biggest risk as these platforms have been set up for interaction.

All social media platforms have stringent security settings that can be enforced. If you know your child is using one of these platforms, speak to them about increasing their security settings, so they can interact only with people they know…

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