Key Stages

Child Development Key Stages

Primary Key Stage

primary key stage child safety

There are many adults who can help by listening to problems, providing advice, keeping children safe and helping get the support needed.

All children and young people have the right to be kept safe from harm, and to not be hurt, abused or mistreated by others. There are lots of ways to stay safe, both online and in the real world. Learn about bullying, staying safe online, stranger danger, and more, and learn how to report your worries and concerns. Until they know what’s going on for you they might not know you need help.


Secondary Key Stage

Secondary Key Stage Child safety

A Trusted Source of Support: Building children’s awareness of on and offline dangers needn’t be a complicated or difficult task

Keeping children and young people safe has never been more important. In a world where dangers exist both on and offline, keeping children safe is no longer simply about minimising physical threats and avoiding strangers. Thanks to the Internet and everyday technologies, potential dangers are now present in our classrooms, homes, playgrounds and communities.