New childcare and education minister praises child practitioners

New childcare and education minister praises child practitioners

Parliamentary under secretary at the Department for Education, Sam Gyimah, has written an open letter praising practitioners working within childcare and children’s education sectors.

Sam Gyimah, who was appointed into his current post on 15th July 2014, explains that during the first few months in office he has been “impressed by the dedication” he has seen from practitioners.

“All early years professionals deserve recognition for the work they do, so whether you are a local authority lead or a day nursery manager; a children’s centre practitioner or a childminder; a charity working with young children or a teacher in a school nursery; thank you for your hard work.”

Gyimah mentions new policies which have seen the extension of early learning entitlement from 12.5 hours to 15 hours each week for all three and four-year-olds (including an extension which reaches around 40% of all two year olds).

The letter goes on to list the ways in which the government has committed to future policies including an introduction of Tax Free Childcare from Autumn 2015 and an extension of the schools pupil premium into the early years, which equates to £300 each year per eligible child.

Gyimah also explains how he is interested in extending the facilities of early years provisions to those in disadvantaged areas: “In the next few months, I want to see more children, particularly two-year-olds from poor backgrounds, accessing high-quality early education. Giving all children at every age and stage the best opportunities is part of the government’s plan for education and […] I am committed to pushing that work forward.”