HIV Scotland: children in Scotland “learnt nothing” in school

HIV Scotland: children in Scotland “learnt nothing” in school

According to Health Protection Scotland’s quarterly surveillance report into HIV and AIDS infections in Scotland, the number of HIV-infected adults continues to rise, with seemingly little education on the subject reaching those who need it.

HIV Scotland is calling for better education in schools. In its recent survey of 276 people it found 79% “learnt nothing” about HIV in school.

“Just 14 per cent said they learnt some information about HIV but not enough, and only 8 per cent said they learnt everything they needed to know,” the report says.

Child protection

HIV Scotland said: “Ensuring children and young people have the information they need about HIV is key to keep new infections down.”

Advances in medical science now means patients with HIV are living longer than ever before, and procreating too.

Last year the Scottish government produced its draft guidance document to replace its 2001 guidance on the provision of sex education in schools.

It emphasises health and wellbeing as being integral in all aspects of education, and gives priority to the provision of relationships, sexual health and parenthood (RSHP) teaching as part of the curriculum of excellence, adopted into Scottish schools.

It maintains that its policy is to encourage sexual health education.