Our Contributors

Denise Fergus

denise fergus | Editor Simply Child Safe Magazine

Avid campaigner fighting justice for her son and other families in a similar situation.

Mother of Kirsty, James, Michael, Thomas and Leon. Patron of The James Bulger Memorial Trust and to this day still receiving messages of sympathy and support from people all over the world.

Nikki Giant

Nikki Giant | Simply Child Safe

The founder of Full Circle Education Solutions, a UK social enterprise developing youth well-being.

Nikki Giant is a writer and educator who specialises in addressing bullying and promoting social and emotional learning for youth through training, projects, school support and events for children and teens.

Honey Wood

Honey Wood | Contributing writer Simply Child Safe

Raised in the UK and France, she is truly bilingual. After finishing her studies she sailed the Atlantic Ocean

Today, Honey lives in the north of England and writes articles and content for many virtual clients on the Internet.

Alice West

Alice West | Contributor | Simply Childsafe

Alice spent six years as a secondary school English teacher before leaving to pursue her copywriting career.

Alice blogs and writes web copy for several educational organisations, and enjoys the opportunity to consolidate her classroom and pastoral experience with her passion for writing.

Sorrell Kerrison

Sorrell Kerrison, writer

Sorrell, based in Bristol, writes for the website and magazine.

Sorrell writes for numerous outlets, with a particular interest in human rights, anthropology and philosophy. Having had many years experience working with charities, community youth groups and divergent factions of society, Sorrell hopes to provide a voice for those who need someone to speak-up on their behalf.

Jonathan Wheeler

jonathan wheeler

Jonathan is a lawyer recognised his campaigning work for survivors of child abuse

Jonathan is a partner with Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors in London. He represents survivors of abuse seeking to establish their rights to compensation through the courts.