North Yorkshire tops list of child serious incident reports

North Yorkshire tops list of child serious incident reports

There were more serious case reviews involving children under 18 in north Yorkshire than anywhere else in England, according to statistics released by Ofsted.

In the year ending March 2013, Ofsted received 231 “serious incident notifications” from 97 local authorities in England.

Serious incident notifications include deaths, serious incidents of abuse, neglect, non-accidental injury and dangerous behaviour.

In north Yorkshire, eight child deaths were reported: two under one year old; two between 11 and 15 years old; and four are recorded as being 16 years and older.

Of the the eight deaths, seven are recorded as unexpected and not involving natural causes.

The second most reported area was Derby city with seven reports, followed by Rochdale and Surrey with six reports each.

This is the first time data has been published and Ofsted stress the data are experimental, not yet meeting the rigorous quality standards of “National Statistics”, it says.

170 of the 231 notifications involved the death of a child under 18.

One in five was due to killing or “non accidental” death by a parent and/or partner, or a carer – 21% of the total number.

The remaining 61 serious reported incidents involved 74 children that did not result in the death of a child.

The number of incidents involving a parent and/or partner, or carer, was 24, 40% of the total number.

Ofsted serious incident notifications: official statistics release